Dear Community,

It has been 1 month since we have expanded our services to you by reopening Magnolia Yoga Studio at 301 Basin St aka New Orleans 1st Black owned Yoga studio!  

Now you may experience Yoga with us Virtually online, at Crescent Park and In-Studio. 

Either format, our intention is to be a source of support, community and healing for you and your family and we are incredibly grateful for this opportunity. As the 1st Black owned Yoga studio in New Orleans, we know we are serving many in the BIPOC community- Lifestyle alternatives to pain, pills, depression, frustration and disconnection. Overall we are providing a huge natural positive boost of health, wellness and empowerment to many communities. We love and honor this work!


Our Yoga services & Community Care are rendered to some of the most incredible progressive people hungry for a taste of real transformation- we miss our natives and all our visitors from around the world. 

But we are still alive and connected just in different ways. For those of you who have not been connected, we miss you and we welcome you back always! 

Remember you are never too old, or too sick to start from scratch, many of us now devout to Yoga have been there! There is no judgement, just healing to be had. 

Because, it’s always a good time to be healthy and well, especially now.


Our purpose in New Orleans and beyond as a Yoga business, health advocates and community service is directly related to our communities level of commitment to their day to day health and wellness.  We believe in our beautiful relationship with you, we believe together we possess everything needed for success such as: DIVERSITY<INCLUSIVENESS<AFFORDABILITY & HIGH QUALITY YOGA. This formula turns into a healthy & diverse population which we are all about! 


Recently two Yoga Studios in New Orleans have closed and we are saddened by this news. We believe Yoga is therapy and community and when a studio closes people can lose healing and community.

We at Magnolia Yoga know and love our community so much and we want to be of service to you. So keep in mind the Yoga Community is real and the services Magnolia Yoga Studio has been able to offer have so much authenticity and efficacy for you. We believe in your ability to create the health & wellness you desire and deserve. Let us support you, this is what community is about!



Class Sign Ups: Every Sunday, the class schedule for the following week will be made available for you to sign up for classes. You will not be able to sign up for classes beforehand. We appreciate your adherence to these new policies that we made in order to allow a mixed variety of our community to be able to practice with us.
If you had previously signed up for classes past Monday, August 10th, you are no longer signed up for them and will have to re sign-up starting the Sunday of the week that the class occurs. 

No Shows/Late Cancellations: In-Studio class reservations need to be cancelled at least 2 hours before the class starts. Cancelling after this or not showing up will incur a $16 fee.

One Hour Yoga Classes with Your Favorite Teachers via Zoom

We offer daily Zoom Yoga classes for you to keep up with your practice and maintain your health and wellness from the comfort of your own home. Roommates, family, and friends are welcome to participate with you!

Download our Free Magnolia Yoga App and sign up for our Yoga at Home Classes! You will then receive a Zoom link before class begins via text and/or email. Please download Zoom and create a Zoom account before class begins. 
Emerge Intro Deal $30 for 30 Days unlimited Zoom Classes
Emerge $10 per Zoom Class Deal for returning clients

Enjoy Vitamin D, Fresh Air, Great Views and Safe Community Care
Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30pm in Crescent Park underneath the Mandeville Wharf
Thursdays at 5:45pm at Al Davis Park
$10 per class. We are practicing six feet social distancing for all of our park and in-studio classes. Please bring a mat, water, and mask.
In case of inclement weather, you will receive a Zoom link to attend class virtually. 


Two In-Studio Classes per Week
NEW POLICY: Members can sign up for two in-studio classes per week. Every Sunday, the class schedule for the following week will be made available for you to sign up. You will not be able to sign up for classes more than a week in advance. We appreciate your adherence to these new policies that we made in order to allow a mixed variety of our community to be able to practice with us.
Your health and safety are our priority! We are taking many safety precautions to make sure all of our teachers and students remain safe and healthy. Please bring a mat, water, and a mask to class. We are practicing six feet social distancing for all of our park and in-studio classes.
No Touch Check in, Hand Sanitizer, 1 by 1 Entrance & Exit, Extra Ventilation in class
See below for our full list of safety precautions and to sign up for class.
In addition we will ask everyone to sign a new waiver and follow the guidelines below:
1. We at Magnolia Yoga are very dedicated to cleanliness. These measures will only
continue and increase. Daily precautions and efforts will be made to clean & organize
the entire studio following all city and state recommendations.
2. Our new studio set up will require all of our visitors, clients and members to practice
social distancing, use hand sanitizer & wear a mask to come in & out of the studio.
3. At this time in-studio classes are for active Magnolia Yoga Members ONLY. Members
are considered those who have an annual membership and/or members who pay a
monthly membership rate. Any new clients with Singles/Intros/Groupons visit our
schedule on our free Magnolia Yoga app to join classes at the Parks or Zoom.
4. If you have any signs of sickness related to Covid-19 or any other symptoms of
illness/allergies we ask that you come back when you feel 100% better!
5. Wear a mask upon entry and exit of the studio. We do not recommend wearing a mask
while practicing but it is optional for those who would like to try.
6. To practice Yoga with us whether it be in-studio, the park or on Zoom you must sign in
online using our free Magnolia Yoga App to secure your spot. A no show policy will be
enforced which means you are charged $15, if you sign-in and either don’t show up or forget to cancel.
7. We recommend getting tested weekly/regularly.
8. No showers at this time, we apologize for the inconvenience.
9. Enter the Restroom/Changing room one at a time.
10. Use hand sanitizer before setting up mat in Yoga room.
11. Place Yoga mat on the marked location in the room.
12. No rentals, you must bring your own water, mat and towels.
13. For In-Studio classes students will be dismissed one at a time, by name 2-3 mins after
class is over. We want you to take a savasana.
14. Students have approximately 5-10 mins to gather belongings say namaste, goodbye and 
be off to enjoy the bliss that is Yoga!

Our mission is to support people’s growth, healing, and empowerment through the art & science of hot yoga and community.


Emerge is the root word of Emergency — as we all face a collective challenge what will distinguish us from the rest is how we choose to Emerge.  At Magnolia Yoga Studio we passionately believe we have a golden opportunity to EMERGE stronger, better & more balanced than ever before. Below are some premium packages which will help you join our efforts to Emerge w/ yoga, w/ love & w/ health & wellness on our side! 
EMERGE Intro Deal $30 for 30 days UNLIMITED via Zoom *best price!  
Emerge Stronger, Connected & Balanced w/ this option & choose any class on our new virtual yoga schedule.
Practice w/ a loving & attentive yoga teacher live daily along w/ a vibrant & supportive yoga community!
EMERGE Single Class $10 via Zoom
Try one yoga class for a nominal price & experience a loving & attentive yoga teacher who will help you learn the basics and help you get the benefits of a yoga practice. Good for any class on our schedule via Zoom. *Single use only.
Private Yoga Class via Zoom $60!—that’s 25% OFF 
Let’s stay in touch via zoom w/ a private yoga session led by Ajax owner of Magnolia Yoga & lead teacher. Experience a closed meeting session via Zoom where we create a tailored yoga experience according to your needs & physical capacity. Come w/ 3 questions & an open mind as we explore some modifications, concepts, approach & yoga philosophy. Good for expecting Mothers, anyone w/ a temporary or permanent disability, athletes, anyone w/ an injury, anyone pre or post surgery, or anyone making a big lifestyle change. For more info please email us at

Magnolia Yoga Studio Goes Virtual!!