Black Friday Gratitude Sale

Magnolia Yoga’s business model is focused on Diversity, Inclusivity, and Affordability in Yoga. This trinity is what makes us a vibrant, strong, and dynamic community! If you are already a loyal member, THANK YOU! If you are new to our business, WELCOME! Experience the gift of Yoga with this Black Friday sale.

*This $30 membership is for 12 months and will be automatically debited month to month.
Good for new students or anyone who is not on a current membership.
Due to the highly discounted rate, this membership cannot be paused and the early cancellation fee is $99.

A Holiday Message to Our Community

This year more than any other our aim at Magnolia Yoga was to create and sustain a healthier citizenry; where you feel the freest, the most at peace, and the most like yourself. We believe that this is most attainable with Yoga, Meditation, and Community Care. And although we are wrapping a year none of us will ever forget, we still have time to keep our self-care going! In addition to keeping ourselves healthy, we are happy to turn to something more joyful: the holiday season and everything we have to be grateful for. Whether your traditions center around family, food, football, or fellowship, we know these holidays will look different for just about all of us but still filled with GRATITUDEWhen I think about what I’m grateful for, I think of our ability to strengthen our immunity through Yoga and to protect and preserve our physical and mental health together. And I am grateful for our Magnolia TEAM who help offer the gift of Yoga to you daily. Lastly, we are of course so grateful to YOU, our community! We have witnessed all your hard work, courage, and dedication. We are honored and proud to be with you during this transformative year and look forward to 2021 where we will continue to build our health, our consciousness, and our community!

Thank you for your business, support, and your practice! We wish you both a Happy and Merry time.

Ajax & the Magnolia TEAM

Yoga at Home

1-Hour Classes via Zoom

We offer several Zoom Yoga classes for you to keep up with your practice and maintain your health and wellness from the comfort of your own home. Roommates, family, and friends are welcome to participate with you!

Download our Free Magnolia Yoga App to secure your spot. You will then receive a Zoom link before class begins via text and/or email. Please download Zoom and create a Zoom account before class begins.

Emerge $15 per Zoom Class Deal for returning clients.


In-Studio Beginners Hot Yoga Classes

Your health and safety are out top priorities! We are taking many safety precautions to make sure all of our teachers and students remain safe and healthy. Please bring a mat, water, and a mask to class. We are practicing six feet social distancing in all In-Studio classes.

Our small class sizes and high demand for services compels us to make sure everyone has equal access to sign up and that every spot is filled up. The class, schedule, therefore, is open to signing in one week at a time. Refer to the “Class Schedule” section for an explanation of how our schedule works. 

No Touch Check in, Hand Sanitizer, 1 by 1 Entrance & Exit, and
Extra Ventilation in class


Our schedule loads 1 week at a time. Please only sign up for a maximum of 2 classes per week to allow for a variety of our community to participate.

No Shows/Late Cancellations: In-Studio class reservations need to be cancelled at least 2 hours before the class starts. Cancelling after this or not showing up will incur a $16 fee.

In addition we will ask everyone to sign a new waiver and follow the guidelines below:

-All visitors, clients, and members are required to practice social distancing, use hand sanitizer & wear a mask to come in & out of the studio.

-If you have any signs of sickness related to COVID-19 or allergies we ask that you come back when you feel 100% better!

-Clients/members must wear a mask upon entering and exiting the studio. Wearing a mask while practicing is optional.

-To practice Yoga with us you must sign in online using our free Magnolia Yoga App to secure your spot.

-We recommend getting tested weekly/regularly.

-No showers at this time, we apologize for the inconvenience.

-Enter the Restroom/Changing room one at a time.

-Use hand sanitizer before setting up mat in Yoga room.

-Place Yoga mat on the marked location in the room.

-No rentals. You must bring your own water, mat, face mask, and towels.

-For In-Studio classes, students will be dismissed one at a time, by name, 2-3 mins after class is over. We want you to take a savasana.

-Students have approximately 5-10 mins to gather belongings say namaste, goodbye and be off to enjoy the bliss that is Yoga!

We at Magnolia Yoga are very dedicated to cleanliness. These measures will only continue and increase. Daily precautions and efforts will be made to clean & organize the entire studio following all city and state recommendations. We appreciate your adherence to these new policies that we made in order to allow a mixed variety of our community to be able to practice with us.

Our mission is to support people’s growth, healing, and empowerment through the art & science of hot yoga and community.