We at Magnolia Yoga Studio want to stay active & relevant for our beloved Yoga community!
During a health pandemic our physical, mental & emotional health requires our love and
attention. Let us support you in a safe environment with quality Yoga teaching, affordable prices
& our well known community care!
Starting September 8th we are introducing two (2) more 1-hour hot yoga classes in-studio to our
schedule on Tuesdays & Thursdays both at 6:15pm. These classes are in addition to our 12:00pm
noon in-studio classes on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays and our weekend in-studio classes
on Saturdays & Sundays at 10:00am. We are also bringing back to the studio our Sunday at
4:30pm class!
We are taking many safety precautions to ensure your safety with small class sizes, social
distancing & mask wearing. We believe in doing all we can to boost your immune system by
reducing your stress levels, making efforts to strengthen your respiratory system by keeping
your lungs active & robust. Providing you with opportunities to improve your energy, vitality,
sleep & overall well-being!
Please join us, let’s create a new narrative for the end of 2020!

Yoga at Home

1-Hour Classes with Your Favorite Teachers via Zoom

We offer daily Zoom Yoga classes for you to keep up with your practice and maintain your health and wellness from the comfort of your own home. Roommates, family, and friends are welcome to participate with you!

Download our Free Magnolia Yoga App and sign up for our Yoga at Home Classes! You will then receive a Zoom link before class begins via text and/or email. Please download Zoom and create a Zoom account before class begins.

Emotions Must Move Intro Deal $30 for 30 Days unlimited Zoom Classes

Emerge $10 per Zoom Class Deal for returning clients


In-Studio Beginners Hot Yoga Classes

Every Sunday, the class schedule for the following week will be made available for you to sign up. You will not be able to sign up for classes more than a week in advance.

Your health and safety are our priority! We are taking many safety precautions to make sure all of our teachers and students remain safe and healthy. Please bring a mat, water, and a mask to class. We are practicing six feet social distancing for all of our park and in-studio classes.

No Touch Check in, Hand Sanitizer, 1 by 1 Entrance & Exit, Extra Ventilation in class


Please only sign up for maximum of two classes per week to allow for a variety of our community to partake in class.

Class Sign Ups: Every Sunday, the class schedule for the following week will be made available for you to sign up for classes. You will not be able to sign up for classes beforehand. We appreciate your adherence to these new policies that we made in order to allow a mixed variety of our community to be able to practice with us.

No Shows/Late Cancellations: In-Studio class reservations need to be cancelled at least 2 hours before the class starts. Cancelling after this or not showing up will incur a $16 fee.

In addition we will ask everyone to sign a new waiver and follow the guidelines below:

1. We at Magnolia Yoga are very dedicated to cleanliness. These measures will only

continue and increase. Daily precautions and efforts will be made to clean & organize

the entire studio following all city and state recommendations.

2. Our new studio set up will require all of our visitors, clients and members to practice

social distancing, use hand sanitizer & wear a mask to come in & out of the studio.

3. If you have any signs of sickness related to Covid-19 or any other symptoms of

illness/allergies we ask that you come back when you feel 100% better!

4. Wear a mask upon entry and exit of the studio. We do not recommend wearing a mask

while practicing but it is optional for those who would like to try.

5. To practice Yoga with us whether it be in-studio, the park or on Zoom you must sign in

online using our free Magnolia Yoga App to secure your spot. A no show policy will be

enforced which means you are charged $16, if you sign-in and either don’t show up or forget to cancel.

6. We recommend getting tested weekly/regularly.

7. No showers at this time, we apologize for the inconvenience.

8. Enter the Restroom/Changing room one at a time.

9. Use hand sanitizer before setting up mat in Yoga room.

10. Place Yoga mat on the marked location in the room.

11. No rentals, you must bring your own water, mat and towels.

12. For In-Studio classes students will be dismissed one at a time, by name 2-3 mins after

class is over. We want you to take a savasana.

13. Students have approximately 5-10 mins to gather belongings say namaste, goodbye and be off to enjoy the bliss that is Yoga!

Our mission is to support people’s growth, healing, and empowerment through the art & science of hot yoga and community.