Dear Magnolia Yoga Community,

We have been given the green light by the City Council of New Orleans to offer small recreational yoga experiences (10 people max) at 3 parks in New Orleans 1. City Park 2. Al Davis Park & 3. Crescent Park! This allows us to continue to offer you the healing benefits of yoga and additionally you will benefit from Sun/Vitamin D, fresh air, being in a green space and socializing safely and intentionally.

We will try these recreational yoga experiences at the park 2 weeks at a time & we are open to your feedback as we report back to the city on their success. However, we will continue our formal yoga classes virtually on Zoom for those who are unable to join us at the park either due to family responsibilities, work responsibilities, comfort level, access or transportation.  At some point soon we will also be offering the outdoor recreational yoga at the park via zoom as well!

Although we are very grateful & excited to offer our community this next level of engagement we will need & require 100% of your cooperation.  We will have to observe several safety policies and ask for your 100% commitment!

We do believe in the Phase 1 re-opening because the city is carefully following the data and we have had a 28-day straight decline in Covid-19 cases, testing has increased and the hospitals are stocked up and fully prepared to treat people should they need to. We also feel safe with the Phase 1 process because Magnolia Yoga is registered with the Fire Marshall and we have been briefed on how to safely offer our services (which are all stipulated below) and we are in close contact with the City Council on a bi-monthly basis.

Our mental, physical and emotional health is P A R A M O U N T right now! We must make regular real efforts to continue our self-care routine of a deep stretch, a deep release, of strengthening our respiratory system, boosting our immune system and managing our stress! I also truly believe we cannot be scared of each other, we actually really need each other and fear is a very dangerous thing, we believe in going slow, being smart and being optimistically cautious.

Let us support, YOU are worth the time & effort— so please join us if you are ready for an outdoor experience, its going to be lovely and/or join us on Zoom but the key word here is JOIN!

***Join us at various parks throughout New Orleans starting with our 1st Recreational Outdoor Yoga Experience this Monday, May 18th at 12pm w/ Ajax at Crescent Park under the roof at Mandeville Wharf by the elevator!*** {Check our free Magnolia Yoga App FULL LISTINGS at the PARK}

Find the Comprehensive & Detailed List of Our Safety Measures
Below & Take a Few Minutes to Read Them Over


  1. ALL clients/members new & old MUST use our free Magnolia Yoga App to sign-in to all our outdoor recreational yoga experiences– NO MORE THAN 24 hour in advance, NO EXCEPTIONS. We ask that you DO NOT sign up for several of our outdoor recreational yoga experiences ahead of time. We know changes happen in your schedule but because we have limited availability we ask for you to be close to 100% certain you can attend the recreational yoga experience you signed up for. NO SHOWS will be charged $15 so please sign up and show up or cancel as soon as you know you can no longer attend out of respect for someone else who can.  
  2. You must bring your own mat, water, hand sanitizer and any other needs like a towel, sunblock etc
  3. All yogi’s must be spread out 6ft apart. Prior to beginning our outdoor recreational yoga experiences we will measure & mark 10 spots, each 6ft apart for you all to set your mat up.  
  4. NO breathing exercises will be taught & the sit-ups will be skipped as well since they involve an open mouth exhalation. Feel free to do Pranayama Breathing at home before arriving to class or right outside of your car before joining the yoga group same with Kapalbhati Breathing we encourage you to do it in your car or at home! All breathing must be done through the nose in and out –mouth is closed. 
  5. Although we miss you all dearly please refrain from hugging or touching your teachers or fellow yogis, a simple wave and hello is highly appreciated! 
  6. Check the app, your email, our social media and or your phone for any last minute changes due to weather. We will do our best to keep you informed ahead of time if we change the location from City Park, Al Davis Park or Crescent Park to a virtual class on Zoom. 
  7. Please feel free to bring & wear a mask or gloves during our outdoor yoga experience.
  8. After each outdoor recreational yoga experience we will spray the area where our yoga mats were placed with Lysol Disinfectant. We recommend that you wash your hands before arriving to class, and as soon as you get back home or use your own sanitizer before & after class.
  9. If you feel sick/ill or are suffering from mild or severe allergies or IF you may suffer from mild or severe allergies by being at the park we politely ask for you to stay home and catch one of our classes on Zoom. This is non-negotiable. 
  10. Any vulnerable populations diabetics, folks with hypertension, heart disease or anyone living with a vulnerable person(s) we definitely want you to practice yoga to boost your immune system but practice with us virtually via Zoom.
  11. Your children will not be able to participate in our recreational outdoor yoga experiences, unless their is a vacant spot. However because we are at the park you may bring your child, please know we will ask you to keep them at a 6ft minimum distance from the entire class. We also ask that you make sure they can keep themselves entertained with a book, game or ipad.

            THANK YOU & NAMASTE

Our mission is to support people’s growth, healing, and empowerment through the art & science of hot yoga and community.

What's Happening at Magnolia?

Dear Community,

We are thrilled to share with you some of our latest news. After much soul searching & researching we have decided to take our physical yoga studio online and create a virtual yoga studio starting Wednesday, April 1st ! 

This big decision is an effort to support our amazing community during a very stressful & anxiety ridden time. Research now has proven stress is kryptonite to our immune system. A precious system we must keep healthy & robust during this time. I am sure you agree your health is priceless and non-negotiable?! 

 Science also shows the best way to stay healthy during this pandemic is to:

Stay Active

Stay Connected to Community

Keep a Routine

Now our loyal Magnolia Members can enjoy several LIVE online yoga classes weekly with your active membership through the free platform called Zoom!  Your membership will ensure your mental, physical, emotional & energetic health & wellness gets nurtured.  

Additionally, our online virtual yoga studio allows us to continue to pay your favorite yoga teachers. Lastly, our virtual yoga studio will help us ensure our physical doors remain open once this crisis passes.

There are a few easy steps to help you seamlessly continue your yoga practice with us.

  1. Download the free app called Zoom which can also be accessed on your laptop, desktop or ipad.  You can also go straight to the Zoom website—make sure to enable audio.
  2. Sign into the class of your choice using our branded app free to download called Magnolia Yoga— like most of you normally do. 
  3. You will then receive an email and/or a text with the unique Zoom link needed to then attend class on Zoom!   
  4. 5-10 Minutes Before Class Starts, Click Your Link, And A Zoom Dialogue Box Will Display While You Wait For Your Teacher To Start Class.
  5. Once Class Starts, Turn Your Camera On Or Off (Whatever You Prefer!)
  6. Enjoy class w/ a live & loving teacher & appreciate practicing w/ others from your yoga community!


Make Sure Your Mindbody Account Has Your Correct Email Address

Sign Up For Class In Advance – This Week We Are Capping Class Capacity At 35 Just So We Don’t Break The Internet (And Then We Hope To Increase This!) Sign Ups For A Class Will End 5 Minutes Before That Class Starts.

The Email To Join Class Will Be From Brand Bot And Is Not Always Sent Immediately After Sign Up.  A Perfect Time To Take A Deep Breath. If You Signed Up At The Last Minute, Your Link Will Arrive When The Teacher Begins The Class.

Though We Love To Share, Each Link Is Customized For Single Use And Will Only Work With One User.

If for any reason you do not get a link (remember to check what email address is on file in Mindbody and to check your spam folder!), please email


Much love & respect,

Ajax & the entire MAGNOLIA YOGA TEAM see you on Zoom! 


Emerge is the root word of Emergency — as we all face a collective challenge what will distinguish us from the rest is how we choose to Emerge.  At Magnolia Yoga Studio we passionately believe we have a golden opportunity to EMERGE stronger, better & more balanced than ever before. Below are some premium packages which will help you join our efforts to Emerge w/ yoga, w/ love & w/ health & wellness on our side! 
EMERGE Intro Deal $30 for 30 days UNLIMITED via Zoom *best price!  
Emerge Stronger, Connected & Balanced w/ this option & choose any class on our new virtual yoga schedule.
Practice w/ a loving & attentive yoga teacher live daily along w/ a vibrant & supportive yoga community!
EMERGE Single Class $10 via Zoom
Try one yoga class for a nominal price & experience a loving & attentive yoga teacher who will help you learn the basics and help you get the benefits of a yoga practice. Good for any class on our schedule via Zoom. *Single use only.
Private Yoga Class via Zoom $60!—that’s 25% OFF 
Let’s stay in touch via zoom w/ a private yoga session led by Ajax owner of Magnolia Yoga & lead teacher. Experience a closed meeting session via Zoom where we create a tailored yoga experience according to your needs & physical capacity. Come w/ 3 questions & an open mind as we explore some modifications, concepts, approach & yoga philosophy. Good for expecting Mothers, anyone w/ a temporary or permanent disability, athletes, anyone w/ an injury, anyone pre or post surgery, or anyone making a big lifestyle change. For more info please email us at

Magnolia Yoga Studio Goes Virtual!!